Representative Cases

The following clients have benefited from Thomas E. Townsley’s experienced legal counsel and representation.  Read about how he has helped others.

  • Thomas E. Townsley’s helped two wireline operators who were rear-ended by an 18-wheeler. One had soft tissue injuries to his neck and back as well as severe headaches. The headaches were diagnosed as occipital neuralgia. The treating neurologist clipped the nerves in the occipital region (back of the head) to stop the pain, but this caused numbness to the area. The client’s claim was settled in mediation for $200,000. The other injured man, who was the driver, suffered a herniated disc in his neck and several bulging discs in his back. He underwent a neck surgery and was not going to be able to return to his previous employment. The case was settled in mediation for $600,000.
  • Thomas E. Townsley helped a client whose car was side-swiped by an 18-wheeler truck. The accident took place on the I-10 bridge. The car struck the inside cement retaining wall and flipped over it, landing on the opposite side of I-10 in front of oncoming vehicles.  The client broke his ankle and suffered a disc injury in his lower back. He underwent back surgery (fusion) and could not return to work for one year. The claim was settled for $450,000.
  • Thomas E. Townsley helped a security guard working at W.R. Grace who went to the post office to buy stamps when he was rear-ended in an intersection governed by a traffic signal. A medical supply van struck his vehicle causing the client neck and back injuries.  He suffered a herniated disc in his neck and one in his lower back. He wanted to avoid surgery; however, after two years of treatment, he could not take the ongoing pain and elected to have both neck and back surgery. This case was mediated twice. The claim settled one month before trial for a total of $800,000.
  • Thomas E. Townsley helped a 26-year-old longshoreman who fell climbing down from a vessel when one of the steps in the ladder broke. He fell about six feet to the dock. He injured his head, neck, mid-back, lower back and knee. The knee ended up being OK. He suffered disc injuries to his neck, thoracic spine and lower back. He underwent two lower back surgeries (fusions). The past medicals were about $263,000. The trial award was almost $6,000,000 with the defendant being assessed 70 percent at fault and the plaintiff 30 percent at fault.
  • Thomas E. Townsley helped a 42-year-old female card dealer who, while leaving the casino, slipped and fell on the gangway. She struck her rear, back and head. She also injured both hands trying to put them down to stop her fall. The treating physician diagnosed her with two herniated discs in her neck and bilateral carpal tunnel syndrome. She had both wrists operated on and underwent a two-level fusion in her neck. The doctors said that she would not be able to return to any work. The case was settled for about $1,025,000.
  • Thomas E. Townsley helped a 38-year-old driver of a cement mixer truck delivering cement to a construction site. There was another cement pump truck with a long boom being used at the site to put cement into walls for a building being constructed. As the client left his cab and was heading to the back of his truck, the pump truck operator brought the boom directly over the client’s head and about a five-gallon bucket of cement fell onto his head. The client sustained a herniated disc to his neck and had to undergo surgery. He returned to his job eight months following the surgery. The jury awarded $357,000.
  • Thomas E. Townsley helped a 30-something female delivering newspapers.  One morning on her delivery run, a bull appeared in the roadway of an enclosed area (the animals must be in an enclosure). She hit the bull and sustained a neck injury. The surgeon diagnosed her with a herniated disc in her neck. My client did not want to undergo neck surgery because of her age, so she was treated by a pain management specialist with epidural steroid shots and myoneural shots. The jury awarded $187,000, and with judicial interest, the client was paid $213,000.
  • Thomas E. Townsley helped a mother, father and their three daughters who were traveling down LA Highway 190.  Their car struck a rut in the roadway causing the mother to lose control of the car and strike a culvert.  The daughters were ages 8, 12 and 16 at the time of the accident. The State of Louisiana was the defendant for the dangerous condition of the roadway. The 16-year-old was severely scarred on the right half of her face. She had several plastic surgery operations to improve the scarring. The 12-year-old suffered compression fractures to seven vertebras in the thoracic/cervical spine area. The injuries caused a kyphosis or a hump to form in her upper back. She also had a small amount of scarring on her forehead. The eight-year-old suffered soft tissue injuries and a scar on her thigh. The jury awarded the mother and her three daughters a total of $3.7 million.

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